Marked by Fire

The Insurance Federation of Minnesota is proud to offer a direct link to the highly successful junior firesetter education series, “Marked By Fire.”

The program, first produced by the IFM in 1996, highlights the dangers of arson and firesetting through the eyes of people who are most affected by it.

The show features two particularly poignant stories.  One of a young man who is now tagged with a criminal conviction for getting involved in an arson that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And, another who paid a much higher price — his health.  As a 10-year-old he was severely burned in a fire of unknown origin.

The program has been used by hundreds of junior firesetter intervention programs around the world.

Now you can download, view and distribute “Marked By Fire” free by clicking on the following link:

The video is in Windows Media format and you’ll need the Windows Media viewer or antother compatible viewer to play the video.

While the video is copyrighted by the Insurance Federation of Minnesota, please feel free to download, redistribute or otherwise use the video in any educational manner in which you see fit.